Monday, December 18, 2017

WizKids: Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms: Classic Creatures Box Set

WizKids released this Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms: Classic Creatures Box Set featuring some great-looking pre-painted creatures and monsters for the popular Dungeons & Dragons universe. Check for more information here at WizKids

Pen and Sword: Painting Wargaming Figures Book Reviewed!

Always eager to improve my miniature painting knowledge and techniques, I was recently kindly offered a review copy of the Painting Wargaming Figures book by Pen and Sword Books As you could expect I wrote a short review as you might be interested in this particularly useful book for your tabletop wargame book library.

The Painting Wargaming Figures book is written by the talented and experienced painter Javier Gomez of the former El Mercenario miniature painting service in which he thoroughly covers all aspects of painting miniatures for tabletop wargaming.

Although the used techniques can easily be used for all scales and genres, the book is mostly focussed on the popular 28mm miniature scale and the historical genre. Smaller and larger scales are also covered in the last chapters if you're looking to paint vignettes and smaller scale wargame miniatures for your collection.

'Javier is a true genius with a brush, with a great sense of colour that turns figures into masterpieces' Michael and Alan Perry of Perry Miniatures

The book starts with a short introduction covering the basic steps of miniature painting such as the needed tools, paints, how to paint miniatures and the usages of patinas. If you have already painted miniatures, you can easily skip these chapters although I managed to still learn a couple of useful tricks along the way. Personally I wouldn't have missed this particular part of the book if it had been left out but I can imagine these chapters might especially prove interesting for novice painters when embarking upon their first miniature painting project.

The more useful chapters of the book for me were the dozens of chapters which throughly covered painting certain colours such as whites and blacks and themes such as horses and flesh tones. For example the chapter about painting the colour white is explained through the step-by-step painting of a Capitan Games Napoleonic Spanish Infantry Soldier. The painting of this miniatures is explained in both text and pictures of each step truly giving a full insight in the painting method and chosen colours for this particular colour. But what really finishes the painting tutorial is the information about which colours are used for the basecoat, first highlight and second highlight for each part of the shown miniature allowing you to easily recreate the same paintjob on your test miniature or entire miniature wargame army. The chapters based on colours show painting guides for the following most used colours: Black, White, Blue, Red, Brown, Grey, Green and Metals. In the pictures you can see a part of the review without sharing too much information about the actual painting tutorial.

The other chapters as mentionned before are based around certain themes such as shields, flags, horses and so on but also cover the important steps of basing and varnishing your miniatures. As an example we will take a closer look at the horse themed chapter as that's often one of the most daunting tasks when painting your cavalry models. The painting horses chapter covers everything you need to know about painting horses ranging from an explanation of equistrian definition to showing step-by-step painting tutorials of dappled horses, white horses, Napoleonic horses to name a couple of different horse colour painting schemes. Each of these colour schemes is nicely explained and covered in the scheme overviews. With these useful painting schemes you can paint every modern horse breeds like those been fielded during the Napoleonic Wars. Other scheme chapters especially worth mentionning are the excellent chapters on how to hand paint shields and flags for your miniatures along with the basing and varnishing chapters which proved especially useful for me.

The conclusion

After reading the book and already thinking which color schemes will be most suitable for my ongoing miniature wargame projects, I think most wargamers and miniature painters will find this book useful as an addition to their reference and general wargame book library. This book really covers everything you need to know on how to paint your wargame miniatures being either single characters and rank and file regiments by explaining all steps of the painting such as undercoating, painting schemes, basing and eventually also varnishing.

Although an excellent book for novice painters which I would certainly recommend, I have one important remark on how the colour schemes and painting guides are created. In the book painter and author Javier Gomez quite often prefers to mix his own colours instead of using the premade painting colours as offered by popular hobby paint suppliers such as Vallejo and Wargames Foundry. In my opinion this makes the book and the painting schemes harder to achieve for novice painters as it's always easier to use premade colours especially when painting batches of miniatures for the same units or armies over a longer period of time.

That remark mentionned I also want to point out the fact that this book has been written especially for painting tabletop wargame miniatures. The painting methods and their sometimes rather harsh highlights shown are very good for wargame miniatures looking great in units and from a distance and are also relativly quick to paint so you can easily finish your favorite wargame armies in a reasonable amount of time! Although experienced painters will find some chapters unnecessary I still think they might learn a few tips and tricks along the way from Javier as he has spend thousands of hours painting miniature commissions. For novice painters I would certainly recommend this thorough book as it contains everything you need to know in a single volume.

You can purchase the Painting Wargaming Figures book by Javier Gomez for £16.99 through our Pen and Sword Books Partnership Link above and in the meanwhile freely support Wargame News and Terrain allowing us to bring even more independent daily miniature and scenery wargame news, reviews and money saving deals. Bought and love the book? Let us know how it improved your painting!

Disclaimer - We received this book from Pen and Sword Books for reviewing purposes. Please note that this doesn't influence our review as we always strive to supply you with our own independent and honest opinion about the wargame products reviewed.

Dozens of other reviews can easily be found here and make sure to follow this blog as more reviews, tutorials and wargame news appears every day!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Bad Squiddo Games: New Shieldmaiden Army Kickstarter Inbound +50 Female Warrior Miniatures!

Annie from Bad Squiddo Games, leading producer and retailler of realistic female wargaming and roleplaying miniatures has recently announced that she will be launching a massive Kickstarter in January to fund over 50 brand new sculpts, to build your own Shieldmaiden Army or Warband! 

White Tree Miniatures: New Post Apoc Afterglow - Ruins of Katterhal Two-Player Starter Set

White Tree Miniatures: Ruins of Katterhal is a two-player starter set for Afterglow Miniatures Game, designed both for veteran miniature gamers as wells as those who are just taking their first steps in this wonderful hobby. You can buy it now with 10% presale discount! Check the store here

Breaking! Wyrd Miniatures: New Plastic Malifaux Wyrdscape Buildings Previewed

Wyrd Miniatures previewed this beautifully detailled plastic building which will be part of a bigger Wyrdscapes Scenery Line to support their popular Malifaux Skirmish Miniature Game.

The building as pictured below will be produced in plastic (same material as used for their miniatures) and will be fully detailled on the inside allowing for indoor skirmishes and some exciting close combat melee. This building along with more scenery pieces will be released in 2018.

Alternative Armies: Adding Cavalry to my Witchlands Forces by Andy Jefcoate

Alternative Armies: Well jingle my bells! The sixth in a series of linked Flintloque articles by Andy Jefcoate about his forays in the Witchlands and in Flintloque. In this article he expands with more riders. With pictures of his own painted collection. Read on and enjoy! GBS

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Deep-Cut Studio: New Underhive Gaming Mat Released

Deep-Cut Studio: New game mat release! Underhive is yet another title that speaks for itself and makes it to the point. Squares are compatible with Necromunda game tiles and scenery elements, yet are neutral enough to build any 3D battlefield on. Approved by gangers, this playmat has just the right doze of dirt, rust and filth to launch your battles into the new heights (depths?). Check it out at - the home for game mats.

The Ion Age: The Great Space Opera Blog Campaigns in The Ion Age

The Ion Age:  A hearty festive hello to Rhys over on The Great Space Opera Blog who has begun an Ion Age campaign on his new platform. Have a look and a read with links to the beginning of the 15mm scale fight over Hertford Prime between the Prydian Army and the Marcher Barons. I enjoyed reading the posts a lot and especially the look at the contents of the excellent value Patrol Angis game pack. Enjoy and well done Rhys! GBS

Slug Industries: Arrrrrrr! Paul Hicks Sculpted Pirate Preview

Philip Page of Slug Industries previewed this magnificent pirate character sculpted by the talented sculptor Paul Hicks. This miniature will be released through a Kickstarter in January. More news will surely follow on Wargame News and Terrain.

Victrix: New Plastic Ancient War Elephants and Crew Released

Victrix released these new hard-plastic 28mm 1/56th scale Hard Plastic Elephants with 4 crew options. This superb set contains 2 x 28mm elephants and crew options for Carthaginians, Romans, Ptolomeic and Numidian crews. Many head, arm, weapon options for the crew plus leg, trunk, decorative ribbons and neck bell options for the elephants. Price £29.95

Happy Games Factory: New Drakerys Giant Character

Happy Games Factory released this new Drakerys Giant!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Warlord Games: New Time-Limited Army Deals Launched

Warlord Games launched these time-limited army deals.

Element Games: Star Wars - The Last Jedi Celebration Deal - Triple Loyalty Points

Element Games: In celebration of the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi we are offering triple store credit on all Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars range! This offer will only be available between: 00:01 - 23:59 14/12/17 Check Element Games here

Last Sword Miniatures: Elven Lords Kickstarter Ending Soon - New Scenery Deal!

Last Sword Miniatures' popular Elven Lords Kickstarter is ending soon so if you're looking for some cool Elven characters make sure to check the Kickstarter here while you can.

The ruined hall is our new building that we add to our scenery collection. Although now ew are really busy with our Elven lords campaign, we can not wait to play Mordheim (Empire in flames) with our new house. To celebrate it, we have added a new scenery pack with all our ruined house in the kickstarter campaign. The Elven Lords and The Ruined Hall have been walking together. So we gonnad add this is new scenery piece in our kickstarter campaign. We have done a scenery pack with all our ruined buildings, The old town. Now you can set up your own town just for 65€! Check the scenery deal here

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Breaking! RGD Gaming: New Modular Plastic Fantasy Faun Infantry Preview

RGD Gaming previewed the following plastic Faun Infantry which will be sold as modular models in a boxed set of ten miniatures. These will most likely be funded through Kickstarter when the design is finished.

A little background on myself, I just recently got into making models. We began a modeling company selling Mantic products, and eventually found I wanted to take a chance to make models that are compatible for Kings of War and by some extension into WHFB. In the first year alone I learned a lot about the industry, and tried my hand at some resin and pewter models, with big help from my team. 

Now I have begun tackling a plastic product, that saw the better part of half a year in the making. And I thought I would get some opinions from everyone. What I have below is some box art for a 10 model box of fauns. The foundation of which is a combination of male and female pieces. The kit is designed to allow 10 models to use bows, javelins, swords, clubs, maces and axes in a variety of different poses. Models also have access to special two handed weapons such as axes and rhompaia, and shofar/horn music accessories. 

Privateer Press: New Warmachine Agrimony, Crone of the Dying Strands Character Preview

Privateer Press: In stores Wednesday! Agrimony, Crone of the Dying Strands - bound to Captain Rengrave, the first citizen of Cryx. She is nearly as old as her master, once having ruled her own island and standing apart from the pirate kings of old, who feared her curses.

Wargames Terrain Workshop: New Death Match Feline Concubine and Commentator Preview

Wargames Terrain Workshop: First sneak peek at January's releases is two new models for Death Match and the upcoming sister game, first is a second feline concubine, and the second is a commentator as what sports game wouldn't be complete without one.

Wargames Foundry: New Street Violence, Dominatrix, The Rippers and Viking Legends Sets

Wargames Foundry: We are very exited to announce that our next four Foundry Collectable box sets are available to pre-order for shipping from 18th December. These miniatures were all previously short lived Foundry Specials. Popular demand has caused us to re-introduce our unique character models, including Sister Wendy, Odin and Thor, in new boxed sets. Buy all four new sets at once for a discounted price. Check the deals here